Thursday, 13 June 2013

yes..i have many facets to my personality

A daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother....many roles I play...
But a friend, lover and soul sister too I portray..:D

A quintessential mango woman has to be the perfect mixture of every relationship acceptable to the society. First a loving, caring and obedient daughter..then a sweet and friendly sister. Further in her life a dutiful wife and then the perfect mother. But what people forget is that the life of a mango woman is not limited by just these roles. They forget that she is not a trophy which you can spray with Kleenex and make it shine by a rubbing a cloth over it. The mango woman is much more than that. Other than being the best goddamn daughter, the perfect sister, the trophy wife and the exact carbon copy of Mother Teresa, she can be an amazing friend, a seductive lover and the soul sister you've been dreaming of when you see that lousy brother  of yours.
She can be wild and party to her heart's content. She can stay up at night daydreaming about her future. She can sit and plot about how to get rid of that hot witch haunting her boyfriend's dreams. She can calculate how she can scrape enough money to buy those tangerine heels she's been eyeing since her last visit to the mall. She can pretty much be doing anything that you pretty boys or the moronic mango men, consider to be their birthright.
If you mango men have the liberty to come home late at night, so does your female counterpart. If you choose to flow against the current so can she. If you don't want to be judged, so doesn't she!!
Yes we're wild, crazy, bitchy, arrogant, lazy....and whatever adjectives you may want to put (feel free to imagine any damn word your vocabulary allows)...but remember, the mango woman is much more than the 'sundar and susheel bahu' the mothers-in-law want.
Take it or leave it....that's the way the mango woman is...!!! ;)

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