Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The reason for creating this blog

I'm kinda..no actually totally new at blogging. I wanted to start a blog just for fun, but on second thoughts I actually wanted to blog for a reason. Every random person thinks of himself as a normal person and calls himself the mango man as the literal translation of the Hindi phrase of the 'AAM AADMI'. What I failed to accept was the fact that every damn person wrote about their likes and dislikes through the general perspective of the mango man. Thus, me being a slight feminist I decided to blog about the feelings, likes, dislikes and about life in general through the eyes of the mango woman..or in the desi style, 'AAM AURAT'.
I'm going to write about what I desire and expect from people around me, what I feel about them and what i want to convey to them in the unique and simple style of a mango woman...:)