Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Men as cry babies and women...two parts of the human race. It is correctly said, 'You can't live with them and you can't live without them' :P
This statement applies correctly for both of them equally. I'm sure that the mango man and all the other mango women are going to agree with me on this. However having nothing personal against the mango man, I'm going to focus entirely upon the criteria of the mango woman..:P
All women have this ultimate dream of finding their Mr. Perfect and there is a looong list of traits that she wants to see in him. A man has to look like a Greek God, he has to be polite, patient, chivalrous, smart, must have an amazing personality and the following traits can be customized according to each individuals  whims and fancies. But going towards a little darker side, I'm sure each mango woman secretly wishes to find a man who has a stronger personality as compared to her...yes yes, I agree it's difficult to accept it but come on, doesn't it have a little truth in it...even if it is as little a chance of choosing an orange dress over the perfect little black dress???  ;)
Continuing with other weird fixations there is something when a guy cries that mysteriously attracts women to them. There is an immediate breeze of sympathy which blows a mango woman away(at least the one writing this..;P) . Yeah yeah I know, it's very difficult to believe what I'm writing but I believe that when men shed a few tears, the fake swag immediately shakes off and it shows their true self in a much brighter light. This may be the case when a man cries occasionally and at meaningful and emotionally demanding moments.
But since life is all about balance, this trait too should come in a balanced manner. Mango women fell attracted towards meaningful tears and not towards fake crocodile tears. And call it an inbuilt quality, women  do have the ability to differentiate between the truthful and the make-believe tears. So, my genuine advice to those handsome and not-so-handsome mango men out there would cry your heart out at emotionally draining times, but dear mango man, please don't be a cry baby!!! :D

P.S. Dear mango women, doesn't seeing that huge hunk break down in front of  you, give you such a high??? :P

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