Friday, 28 June 2013

What to say when you don't know what to say

I know many mango women around me and I'm sure many of you reading this must have faced this dilemma somewhere down the line. How and what to say to a person who just asked you about something you don't know or are not willing to answer about or you simply didn't catch what the person was saying due to the sonorous vocal chords of the people around??? How to correct the inappropriate expression that just escaped your mouth when you were sure that the phrase required some other words or sentences???
My most simple trick is to say "Oops! I'm sorry!!! I was just thinking about something else and looks like I was actually thinking aloud." :)  This is the most used excuse which I believe to exist. The other most amazing and effective thing is to simply dazzle the person with your pearly whites and make a lame attempt to tell the person that the mindless chatter is going over your head and you are just too polite to tell them that so you have decided to leave subtle hints by just giving the person a generous dose of that beautiful smile...:P
Also, cell phones have made this world a much better place to live in. You realize that you are unable to talk or understand the person, you can just make a false gesture of attending that very important phone call on which the future of the world depends...:P
Another idea is to stick to monosyllables by replying in yeses or noes. And if yes or no doesn't suffice as the answer, you can always smile and nod....:P
These are the tricks I use when I'm confused about what to say when I don't know what to say...:D

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