Sunday, 16 June 2013

I don't like people who grumble!!!

People all around us..Happy people, sad people, carefree people, careful people, back stabbing people, irritating people, know-it-all people, dumb people......all sorts of people.
The mango woman of today has learnt to handle all sorts of people. She can single handedly take on that pervert boss. She can handle those judgmental colleagues. She can take crap from her elders. But what she simply cannot handle, is the unnecessary grumbling which she hears around her. Grumbling regarding the length of her skirt, her hair colour, her eating habits, her flabby arms, her pathetic cake, her horrendous tiffin...MY this busy era, there are still some samples who have enough time to take some time out of their busy schedules to discuss stuff about the mango woman.
Thus, the mango woman has decided to take a cue from the woes of many mango women around the world and write a letter to the 'grumbling' folk who irritate the crap outta them...
Dear Mango People,
I have a humble and simple request from many mango women around the world. I know you work hard to feed your family and live a life of comfort and luxuries. What you do, how you do it, where you do it; any of it is not up my alley. So what I do, what I wear, how I behave, how I live...shouldn't be up your alley either.
However if you have enough time in this busy era and want to make ME the center of your world feel free to do so. Wanna discuss me with the neighbourhood aunty, wanna check out my wardrobe faux it! But but but, this does not give you the authority to grumble about my life. If something is really bothering you, come and talk to me directly. I'll give you a much better and clearer tour of my entire life. But my humble request to you would be...PLEASE STOP GRUMBLING AND COMPLAINING ABOUT ME..!!!
Yours sincerely
The Mango Woman  :)

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