Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Bhaisahab please chutta return karo!!

Some recent trend has suddenly enveloped the Indian market and toffees seem to be the official one rupee coin and Munch and Orbit seem to be the new currency passed as five rupees.
The Mango Woman is seriously distressed and has decided to blame the 'dukaan waala bhaiya' (shopkeeper) for her increasing sugar intake. Arre! If you don't have change, it's not my problem. You have this sprawling shop and people come and go by the dozen and yet you fail to keep chutta handy!!! You must be having huge amounts of money if you have such a shop among your numerous properties...then why not go to the bank and ask them for coins worth maybe 2000 a day so that your customers can leave satisfied and the one rupee can smugly sit in a corner of their huge handbags silently and make them richer by a rupee?? Also the woman, the mango woman who has a self proclaimed sweet tooth, would not be tempted to put that delicious looking piece of that savoury lemon candy in her mouth and silently cheat her diet and later blame it on those inefficient weighing machines.
So much for a rupee or five in some cases. Thus, 'pyaare dukaan waale bhaisahab chutta rakhne ka and next time madam ko thoda patla dekhne ka na' !!!

P.S. Some shops cheat the mango women sometimes and instead of a product worth 599, ask and make a bill for 600!!! And the mango women being soooo generous ends up paying the extra rupee to make them a rupee richer than they already were...:P

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