Monday, 24 June 2013

Scenario at a red signal

A typical day for The Mango Woman would begin by getting up in the morning and turning off the darned alarm before it rings again after 5 minutes. Then she'd get up, brush her teeth, take a bath, choose clothes from her wardrobe and grumble about how she never has anything to wear or simply curse that tank top as she can never find it when she needs to wear that bugger. Then she'd have breakfast..or not..and then she'd leave for work or college or any place she has to go. She then takes out her conveyance and hits the road. She drives nicely and follows almost all the rules and is going about not troubling any one and giving people way to overtake her as they probably have to stop an alien invasion. She then stops after a random vehicle as the light happens to be red. She feels good about it as she has time to apply her lip gloss or she might feel equally frustrated like the guy who just could not whiz by as there were cops who'd jump at him if he moved as much as an inch over the zebra crossing as the light just turned red even though he sped like a mad cow.

However that jerk who stopped behind her is in such a hurry that his brain doesn't allow him to see the light which turned red, as red. He just cannot understand why people stopped at a green light. So, he decides to teach the people a lesson and make them realize that he is such an important person and he has sooo much more work than all the others standing patiently, waiting for the signal to turn green. So, he starts honking. He honks and he honks and he honks!! Then his eyes see a woman who is sitting and applying makeup very calmly. In his mind he is thinking...'Lady would you mind stopping your beauty session as the grownups have to go and save the entire population from wiping off their very existence from the face of Earth'. But, it's a woman and he doesn't think that she'd have enough brains to understand that...Forget brains..she doesn't even have the eyesight to distinguish red from green!!!

But dear jerkface... please don't forget that the mango woman is a law abiding citizen. Unlike you, she is not colour blind. And even if she was to get rid of you and your honking she just couldn't have done anything as growing a pair of wings and flying over that car in front of her is something which is still out of her league. So, the next time you wanna honk at a woman at a red light, you might as well know a spell to grow wings on a random surface...:)

P.S.   The light just turned green and The Mango Woman left....But dear jerkface couldn't get his grubby vehicle to start it's engines and the light just turned red again...:)