Friday, 14 June 2013

I live my life...You don't!!!

My life, my way...A very commonly used phrase in every teenagers life. But in my opinion it's on the mind of every person who has that nosy neighbor living next door or that meddlesome aunt who bugs you with her extremely inquisitive personal questions.
In a country like India where your life not only belongs to you and your parents, but also to the fat aunty who luurrvveesss you more than the pesky kid of hers and the beautiful (read old hag) Buaji who can waltz into your room without knocking and even to those long distant relatives who remember to call you on the day you are expected to receive your result but are unaware of your birthday for the past ten gets extremely difficult to label your life as your own.
Those people who are ever ready to judge me and my life from a distance, should come and live my life for a day. I struggle to get up every morning and prepare to meet the monsters in the world, I deal with that long cue to get to my destination, I live my share of tension and don't bother you if I'm unable to cope up, I live my life my way and don't try to sneak a peek into your 'amazingly perfect life'...and trust's NOT  DON'T TRY TO EVEN TRY AND LIVE MY LIFE FROM A DISTANCE.....because..I LIVE MY LIFE...YOU DON'T!!! :)

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